Professional Conflict Resolution

  • Do you and your partner struggle to find the right words?
  • Is your relatoinship stuck?
  • Is there an ever increasing number of fights and disputes?

Working Out Solutions Together

As a certified mediator, I will not provide you with any ready-made solutions. What we will do is work together until we find a solution which all parties consider to be fair and equitable. The important thing is that once the conflict is laid aside, the parties can maintain a good relationship with one another. The reason this is possible is that mediation seeks to reconcile the interests and needs of all those involved. It is not a question of doing battle, but of learning how to cooperate.

I'm specialised in mediating disputes and clashes within partnerships, and I will support you finding a way to bring the participants back together. (Husband(s) and wife(s), siblings, parent-child, friends as well as girl-/boyfriends)

My experiences as a therapist assist my work deeply.  (Hypnosis/Somatic Experiencing®).

The Story of the Orange

Two persons are fighting over an orange. They finally agree to cut the orange into two equal parts. Both return home. The first person bakes a cake and needs the skin. The other person makes a fruit juice. Had both thought to ask the other what he or her needs, each could have taken away the whole orange, since one needed only the skin and the other only the fruit. That is basically what mediation is about.

When conflicts cannot be resolved without outside help

A mediator is an impartial agent who can help the parties involved in a dispute to move away from hardened positions and to find solutions suitable for everyone.